Education is Our Future

FROM: | DATE: 2020.Nov,06 |

Providing affordable good quality stationery to every kid in China, supporting their study, is a key part of Deli brand mission. As a stationery company, helping children to get good stationery to satisfy their study needs and as a start of fulfilling their dreams, is our duty. Deli started educational support around 20 years ago in Ninghai city, we rolled out “Long-term paring Educational Support Project”, “Deli Education Fund”, “Deli Scholarship”, Donation for school buildings and education equipment continuously, contributing to more children development. Some areas in China are not so developed compared to the East area, this is why Deli always provide more attention to it.



As a growing global brand, Deli would be insisting on our cares and responsibilities to the education everywhere. Activities in Vietnam and Indonesia are just starts of our journey, and we hope more partners would join us, to bring a better future through education.

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