FROM: | DATE: 2019.Feb,19 |

15th February, 2019, Deli Partner Summit made the latest stop in Dubai. Totally invited around 200 key clients, retailers, office suppliers and school suppliers were gathered to see and hear about Deli's new products, marketing tools introduction, promotion policy and so on. In this conference, Deli Global APP was recommended to clients and tested in real scenes for the first time.


The whole conference was divided into 3 parts: Greeting speech, new products and marketing tools launch and Making order. Firstly, Brijesh, the manager of AMT made a speech to welcome all the invited clients. More than 200 new products present in the Product Gallery. New VI for Deli writing instruments, new ranges in school (Explora and Dough it) were officially launched. New TMKT tools in 2019 arose great concern, new display tools for new ranges, social media, DIY website and Deli Global APP will be promoted to market next.


During the making order period, more than half of the clients made orders through app. Many clients showed favor to Deli Global APP. Mohammed Ali, the purchase manager of First Choice Stationery said:"It's very convenient for me to view product information and images in this app, and also make it easier to place order during the event."

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